The 6 Best Folding High Chairs to Keep Your Baby Safe in 2020

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Baby sitting on a high chair and eating by himself

When your baby starts eating solid food, a best folding high chairs can provide a safe place for him to experiment with flavours and textures. It also allows you to supervise your baby’s meals and clean up afterwards conveniently.

There are many styles and prices of high chairs on the market. You need to choose a high chair that is sturdy and easy to clean; it needs to be durable enough to stand up to long-term daily use. Your child can use a high chair until they are 2 or 3 years old.

A basic highchair will do the job, but some high-end models will be more resistant to wear and tear and will fit better in the long run. 

  • Type: Different moms have different tastes and needs. You can get wooden high chairs, or you can get metal or plastic ones, but pay special attention to the size and your space limitations.
  • Seat Belts: Your high chair should have a five-point harness, or a three-point harness and crotch post. To ensure that the harness on your folding highchair has a section between your baby's legs, prevent them from standing up or sliding out. Check the buckle of the seatbelt; buckles that are too simple to operate can be easily undone, even by the child's belly. The straps should be adjusted according to the child's growth and development to keep the baby safe.
  • Wheels: This makes the highchair easy to move between rooms, such as from the kitchen to the dining room, very convenient. Make sure the wheels lock when the highchair is stationary to prevent accidental rollover.
  • Comfort: Try to find a padded, cushioned seat that is easier on your baby's bottom, and a footrest is a useful feature for older babies. Make sure the seams on the front of the seat are free of sharp edges that won't scratch the back of your baby's legs. Also, check the bottom of the tray for holes or sharp edges to make sure it doesn't scratch your baby.
  • Easy to Clean: Sometimes, the food gets into some of the crevices. Check seats, seat belts, trays, and frames for areas that are difficult to clean. This needs attention because your baby is at risk of sticking little fingers in the crevices and then pulling out the food left inside and trying to eat it. So one should choose a high chair where the seat and harness should be easy to clean.
  • Tray: The choice can be one of those high chairs that are easy to remove, and some trays also have dishwasher-safe covers that can be put in the sink or dishwasher for cleaning. Chairs with removable trays can be pulled up to the table as the child grows, so they are more versatile. Other moms don't mind washing by hand --- it only takes a few minutes, and it's convenient.
  • Adjustability: The chair height is easily adjustable, and there is an adjustable tray to ensure that your child's tummy doesn't get squeezed as they grow. Each adjustment should be firmly locked in place.
  • Foldable: Collapsible. You probably have to fold your highchair up two or three times a day. You don't want to have to struggle to fold it up every time. So find a high chair that folds down quickly to make sure no precious time is wasted.
  • Versatility: Some high chairs can be converted to a baby seat or child seat for when the child is older.
  • Sturdiness: A chair with a wider base is more likely to tip over. Give the chair a few shakes and check the stability.

The 6 Best Folding High Chairs of 2020

Graco Slim Snacker High Chair 2 - The 6 Best Folding High Chairs to Keep Your Baby Safe in 2020Best Folding High Chair For Babies

Folding up the high chair for when guests come over makes you look like you’ve got yourself together, mama!

There are lots of options on the market for folding high chairs, but they are definitely not all equal. When feeding your baby in a highchair, it is essential that the chair can recline back; otherwise, your baby won’t be able to feed themselves. A highchair sitting straight up can also prevent them from digesting their food properly, which results in more spit-ups- no, thank you!

The Graco Slim Snacker High Chair is an excellent pick for babies because it has three reclining positions. As your baby becomes familiar with the chair and gets better at self-feeding, you can choose to adjust the chair when you feel they’re ready.

Many moms love this high chair because it truly takes a second to fold up and store away. You can be holding your baby in one arm while folding this chair up in the other! It’s super compact and simple, so you’ll have no problem shoving it in the storage closet with all your other random toys and gadgets for the kids.

All it takes to wash the chair off if you have a messy feeder is a simple warm, wet cloth with household soap. The chair is designed with a mesh storage area underneath the seat so you can have wipes, cloths, snacks, etc. handy.

The chair comes with a machine-washable seat pad, full-size food tray with a cup holder, and a convertible seat belt that offers a three-point harness or five-point harness. Whatever works best with your baby! We love this stroller because it’s customizable, practical, and comfortable!


  • Comfortable, removable seat.
  • Chair has an attached footrest.
  • Three different reclining positions.
  • Two options on convertible seat belt.


  • Seat belt traps tend to show food stains.
  • Can’t use bleach to wash.

JOOVY Nook High Chair - The 6 Best Folding High Chairs to Keep Your Baby Safe in 2020Best Minimalist Folding High Chair

If you really don’t like clutter, this is the high chair for your family. Not only is the design of the chair itself merely modern, but it also folds up like a beach chair would!

The Nook High Chair by JOOVY is lightweight, minimalistic, and decked out with features. The simple, yet elegant leatherette seat is removable and can easily be thrown in the washing machine for quick cleaning. Along with the removable, swing-open tray that has four adjustable positions that’s also dishwasher-safe. Talk about easy cleanup!

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any more simple, this compact chair literally folds up like a beach chair. It takes up such little space that you can honestly slip it anywhere.

This is the ideal chair for the minimalist, for the family that’s in tight living quarters, or for the family that’s always on the go!


  • Folds up like a beach chair.
  • Lightweight and perfect for travel.
  • Swing-open tray with four adjustable positions.
  • Simple, modern design.
  • Chair pad is machine-washable.


  • No height or recline features.

Cosco Simple Fold High Chair - The 6 Best Folding High Chairs to Keep Your Baby Safe in 2020Best Compact Folding High Chair

Is your house being overrun by all your kid’s gear and toys? We feel your pain, mama. It sounds like you need a high chair that can collapse completely after folding for the ultimate, compact experience.

The Cosco Simple Fold High Chair is lightweight and extremely compact. The chair folds flat while still being able to stand on its own, so it’s super simple to store away when necessary.

It takes seconds to set up and fold up! Finally, a brand that understands a mother’s time is precious! You don’t even have to remove the tray to store it away. Speaking of the tray, it has three adjustable positions and designed with a cup holder. The entire plate can go into the dishwasher with no problem.

Safety is always a priority in a parent’s purchase. This three-point harness can hold up to 50 pounds and does an excellent job at securing your child during their feeding times.


  • Affordable.
  • Lightweight, easy to travel or store away.
  • Available in two color schemes for both genders.


  • No reclining feature, not the best for infants.
  • The seat cover can’t be removed for cleaning.

Graco Duo Diner Highchair - The 6 Best Folding High Chairs to Keep Your Baby Safe in 2020Best 3-in-1 Folding High Chair

A folding high chair that can adapt to a growing baby? Tell us more. The Graco Duo Diner High Chair is the best 3-in-1 highchair for a few reasons. It easily converts as your child grows into their next stage of life, the stages are built into the chair, so once you invest, you have all the parts you need, and there are several features that seal the deal.

The three stages consist of an infant high chair, a traditional high chair, and a booster seat! It’s important that when you’re feeding an infant in a highchair, they can recline. This high chair comes with a one-hand reclining seat. As your baby gets older, they get taller, too! With five height adjustments featured, this high chair has honestly thought of everything.

The chair comes with a large plastic food tray, a machine-washable seat cover, and convertible 3-point and 5-point harness functions. This can be the perfect highchair for the mom who loves multipurpose products or the moms with multiple monsters running around! After all, this high chair could serve all of them.


  • Three transitional seat stages.
  • Extra-large food tray included.
  • Easily adjusts with one hand.
  • Five height adjustments.


  • Reviewers have said it takes time to assemble.

Ciao Baby Portable High Chair - The 6 Best Folding High Chairs to Keep Your Baby Safe in 2020Best Folding High Chair For Camping

Everybody deserves their own camping chair, even your baby! Camping requires a lot of prep because there are so many different items to remember. If you’re an avid camper, make your life easier and invest in an awesome folding high chair that’s made for camping. You’ll thank us later.

The Ciao! Baby Portable High Chair is an excellent choice for all your camping adventures! This high chair easily folds like a lawn or beach chair, and it’s super lightweight. The chair comes with a matching carry bag making it even easier to haul everywhere you go!

The chair requires no assembling- all you have to do is pop it open, and it’s ready to use! The material is easy to clean; therefore, even though you can’t machine wash the seat, a rag will do the job. C’mon, you’re camping for crying out loud!

This camping high chair can sit toddlers to three-year-olds and comes with a seat belt strap to secure them in.


  • Available in 10 different colors.
  • Fairly priced compared to competitors.
  • Deep cup hole attached to chair.


  • Must set up on flat ground since it’s so lightweight.
  • No shoulder or chest strap features.

Summer Infant Deluxe Folding Booster Seat - The 6 Best Folding High Chairs to Keep Your Baby Safe in 2020Best Folding Booster Seat

There’s nothing wrong with shipping the high chair hype and purchasing a booster seat instead! Booster seats take up less space, typically lighter than high chairs, and easier to store away!

Some babies may prefer a booster seat because it doesn’t feel so different compared to everyone else’s seats. A high chair can be a little overwhelming; whereas a booster seat makes them feel a part of the family dinner!

Our pick for the best folding booster seat is the Summer Infant Deluxe Folding Booster Seat. This booster seat has two height adjustments featured, so as your baby grows, you won’t have to buy a brand-new seat!

Also, the tray adjusts into three different positions and is completely dishwasher-safe. Attached is a three-point seatbelt to secure your child during meal time. The seat pad can also be washed in the washing machine for easy cleanup!

Once your meal is over, fold the legs toward the back, and you’re ready to store away till the next meal!


  • Straps included to safely attach to any chair.
  • Affordable
  • Dishwasher-safe and machine-washable.


  • Only holds up to 33 pounds.
  • No shoulder strap feature.

Choosing What's Right for You

The best folding high chair provides the little baby with the same level of seating as the rest of the family, allowing him to eat at the table with the family. High chairs provide the security that small babies need when sitting to eat. Because of the convenience, most parents opt for the convenience and portability of folding high chairs. In addition, folding high chairs have many advantages, such as folding, which enhances portability for moving between two places.

This is an in-depth buying guide with a list of a few of the best folding high chairs for 2020, so you can buy the best high chairs that meet your needs and preferences based on your reality and your lifestyle.

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