The 7 Best Baby Bibs To Keep Your Baby Clean (2020 Reviews)

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7 Best Baby Bibs to Buy on the Market

Every new mom becomes an expert researcher when it comes to what’s best for their baby. Maybe you’ve been there too…

You read the pros and cons regarding everything your baby will need. You desperately seek out the opinions of other moms to make the right choices. You read every book, watch every video, and read every blog post about parenting that you can find.

When it comes to what you should buy for your newborn, it can get even trickier, and we understand. Making decisions about the safest, most practical, and economical baby items can be a challenge. However, we are happy to take the guesswork out of one of those choices.

We’re talking about best baby bibs. They are an essential item that your little one will use from infancy through their toddler years. 

You might be surprised to learn that there is a wide variety of styles, shapes, and prices to choose from. So, we will take an in-depth look and give you the information you need to decide what’s best for your child at each stage of childhood. 

You have probably realized that it’s necessary to buy a few bibs for your baby, but here are some practical reasons why.

1. Baby Bibs Protect Clothing and Skin

Since the 1700s, mothers have been using bibs to keep drool, milk, spit-up, food, and more off of their children’s clothing.

Not only do bibs protect clothing, but they serve as a barrier between drool and your baby’s skin. It isn’t uncommon for a baby to develop skin irritations or rashes from wearing wet clothes. By placing a bib on your baby, you are preventing this issue in one easy step. A bib will keep the clothing underneath dry and a drool rash at bay.

2. Baby Bibs Also Keep Milk and Food Off Your Baby’s Clothing

Let’s face it… babies are messy. As you begin introducing new types of food to your baby, you will discover that some will stain clothing. These stains can be tough to remove, even when treated.

Laundering a bib is easy and can save you time and money. If a bib becomes unusable, simply throw it away. The cost to replace a bib is typically lower than purchasing a new outfit for your child.

3. Baby Bibs Give Parents Peace of Mind

Unfortunately, as children grow, they rarely become less messy. Parents will typically choose to have their babies continue to wear a bib into their toddler years.

Babies can quickly outgrow clothing, but bibs can last for months or even years at a time. Because a bib can prevent clothes from being ruined and your baby from developing a rash, it gives parents peace of mind.

The Different Types of Baby Bibs

Over time, a variety of baby bibs have been created and sold in the marketplace. Here are a few of the most common styles of baby bibs.

The Classic: The “classic” basic bib has been around for a long time. They have a practical application for everyday use. They are typically economical and long-lasting. 

The classic bib can handle regular feedings and are essential for any mother’s diaper bag. They have a variety of closures from ties to Velcro or snaps.  

These basic baby bibs are often made of cloth or plastic and sometimes even feature a pocket at the bottom of the bib.

Drool and Bandana Bibs: These triangular bibs are not only stylish but are also very practical. They are perfect for baby’s who are teething and have excess drool. Because of the unique shape, moms can use the bottom of the bandana to wipe their baby’s face with ease.

Silicone and Water-proof Bibs: Silicone bibs are easy to wipe or wash clean, enabling you to re-use them without necessarily having to launder them. One slight downfall is that their bulky style prevents babies from wearing them aside from feeding times. 

In recent years, absorbent towel-like bibs have gained popularity. The fabric can keep liquids on the outside, and they feature a waterproof layer inside. This ensures that liquids and foods will not soak through to the baby’s skin. 

Smock and Sleeved Bibs: As your child grows, they will naturally have the desire to feed themselves. This is when life tends to get super messy. Full-coverage style bibs cover more surface area on your child.  

It’s incredible how often food can end up underneath clothing when a child is feeding themselves. These bibs help prevent this issue by completely covering their clothing.

Disposable Bibs: These bibs are an excellent option for moms on the go. After use, simply throw them away. You can even keep a few in your diaper bag for convenience. Restaurants often keep this style of the bib on hand as a courtesy to their customers. If you don’t see them readily available, just ask a server. It can be a wonderful gift that will make eating out a pleasant experience.

What Should I Know Before I Buy a Bib?

As we have discovered, there is a wide variety of bibs on the market. Besides asking other moms which they prefer, here are a few factors to consider before you make a purchase.

Every baby and toddler are shaped differently. Although bibs are primarily one-size-fits-all, there are a couple of things you should consider.

How does the bib fit around the neck? You want to make sure the neck isn’t too tight or too loose. If it’s too loose, food and liquid will find its way under the bib and onto your baby’s clothes. If it’s too tight, it can rub on your baby’s neck and make them uncomfortable.

Does the bib cover enough of my child? A well-fitting bib should extend from your baby’s chin and cover most of their chest.

Bibs are not only sized by the age of the child, but fashion is also a key factor that many moms care about.

Some bibs completely cover your child, while others are tiny.

The purpose of the bib will determine the size and style that you need.

If your main goal is to protect your baby from wet clothes, a small bib will work fine. If you have a self-feeding toddler, then a larger bib will be a more practical choice. And if it is simply an accessory to an outfit, any size will do.

There are tens of thousands of bibs on websites, such as They offer funny phrases, personalized monograms, unique fabrics, and more. It’s perfectly fine to spend a little here and there for a bib that will be a special keepsake in the future.

A stylish bib can be passed down from one generation to the next. If they are fashionable, they can be a fun accessory for photo shoots.

Keeping up with your child’s ever-changing needs can be expensive. Some moms cut corners by sewing their bibs while others purchase practical, inexpensive varieties.

Custom-ordered bibs can cost a pretty penny. Unique designs and fabrics play a part in the overall cost.  

Because they have longevity, bibs can be a good investment. And when you discover how the practicality in protecting your baby’s clothing from getting ruined, the cost is easily justified. 

The 7 Best Baby Bibs of 2020

Parker Baby Bandana Bibs - The 7 Best Baby Bibs To Keep Your Baby Clean (2020 Reviews)Best Bandana Bibs

Whether you have your baby dressed up as a cute cowboy or bad biker chick, it can’t get much cuter that bandana bibs. Bibs are a necessary product that every baby needs, but who said they couldn’t be multifunctional and work as a charming element to your baby’s already-established style?

Park Baby Bandana Bibs had the right idea. Bandana bibs are a new trending style to the market, and we’re digging it. They’re comfortable, stylish, and practical. Since a bandana goes all the way up to your baby’s neck, it really works to prevent stains from getting on the front of their adorable shirt!

The Parker Baby Bandana Bibs are made of 100 percent organic cotton on the front with 100 percent polyester on the back. Adding polyester to the back allows the drool and liquids throughout a day’s use better absorb into the bib, rather than seep on their shirt.

The bibs come in a four-pack and are available in three different designs. What’s incredible about these bibs is their two nickel-free snaps on the back of each bib. This allows the bibs to grow with your baby! These bibs can range from three months up to two years in age.


  • Adjustable sizes with nickel-free snaps.
  • Made with 100% organic cotton and 100% polyester.
  • Super absorbent
  • Age range: 3-24 months


  • Intended to air dry.
  • Doesn’t hold up well when washed repeatedly.

Green Sprouts Stay Dry Infant Bibs - The 7 Best Baby Bibs To Keep Your Baby Clean (2020 Reviews)Best Bibs for Spit Up

Did you hear the breaking news? You’re not only going to be a mom and get little-to-no sleep, but you’ll also deal with lots of spit up from your lovely little bundle of joy! It’s going to be okay though; spit up is so much better than throw up. Just wait until you have a toddler!

Okay, we’re done being mean. To make your life easier, we suggest the Green Sprouts Stay-Dry Infant Bibs. These bibs are small enough to fit around any little one’s neck, but also large enough and absorbent enough to catch the big spit-up fests that are bound to happen.

Since these bibs are made out of cotton terry, they are incredibly absorbent, making it the perfect bib for the nonstop drooler or upset tummy-type baby. Not only will these bibs work to absorb every bit of drool or spit up, but they’ll also prevent drool rash! Your baby won’t get irritated even after a long day of teething.

Designed for babies ranging in ages three months to twelve months old; with the adjustable velcro closures, it’s super simple to attach and remove. These practical bibs come in ten packs and offer a variety of different colors!


  • Machine-washable
  • Designed with safe, azo-free dyes.
  • Reversible
  • Comes in a variety of different colors.


  • Reviewers have considered the material rough or “scratchy”.
  • The stitching doesn’t hold up well with heavy washing.

Matimati Baby Bandana Bib Set - The 7 Best Baby Bibs To Keep Your Baby Clean (2020 Reviews)Best Neutral Bandana Bibs

Are you looking for the perfect baby shower gift to add to your registry? Look no further! You can never go wrong with more, and more, and more bibs. Whether you’re waiting till your due date to see what you’re having or you know a little girl is on her way, neutral bibs are great for at-home use.

The Matimati Baby Bandana Bib Set comes with eight different bibs with a combination of white, blue, and grey color schemes. They have simple designs that are made up of different shapes like triangles and arrows.

These bibs are made with 100 percent organic cotton on the front side and a back lining made of polyester fleece that works well to absorb all the drool from your little monster!

Most bibs are designed with velcro, but once your baby discovers they can tug on the bib and it rips right off, you’ll always be putting it back on. Moms, you’ve been warned. With these bibs, you won’t have to worry about that! Each bib has two metal snaps, which makes it much harder for a baby to pull off without your help.

The real quality within these bibs aren’t their neutral style, but their ability to absorb and comfort your little one during a full day’s use. Since the front of the bib is designed with cotton, you can easily wipe your baby’s face with the soft material as if it was coming from a comforting wipe.


  • Neutral designs for both boys and girls.
  • Metal snaps to hold bibs in place.
  • 100% organic cotton on front, polyester fleece on back.
  • Very absorbent and soft.


  • Thicker than most bibs, therefore bunches up easier.

Bumkins Sleeved Toddler Bib - The 7 Best Baby Bibs To Keep Your Baby Clean (2020 Reviews)Best Full Coverage Bibs

Full coverage means full-freaking-coverage! The Bumkins Sleeved Toddler Bibs practically work as a second shirt. Yes, this may be a little on the obnoxious side, but don’t knock it until you try it. After all, you’re still cleaning up Cheerios for an hour after snack-time, are you not?

These bibs are made for toddlers; therefore, they need to be somewhat indestructible. Bumkins created just that. The bibs are made of a lightweight, waterproof, stain, and odor-resistant fabric. They are easy to wipe clean, and they don’t leave a smell or sticky residue because they are created with a single ply construction.

One simple wipe and your bib is clean, as well as the kid underneath! This bib covers your child’s entire torso, lap, arms, and neckline. A bib with sleeves? Say, what? Yep, this bib is necessary for the mandatory family dinners. What usually turns into a complete mess will be contained all within one, large bib.

The bibs are the ideal size for babies ranging from six to 12 months. All the materials that make up these life-changing bibs are free from PVC, vinyl, BPA, phthalate, and lead.


  • Best for preventing spills or food on clothing.
  • Full-body coverage
  • A lap pouch is attached to catch fallen food.
  • Machine-washable


  • Reviewers have said the tie neck isn’t the easiest to fasten on a moving toddler.
  • It’s a little difficult to take on and off the first few times.

Luvable Friends Baby Bibs - The 7 Best Baby Bibs To Keep Your Baby Clean (2020 Reviews)Best Velcro Strap Bibs

Velcro bibs tend to be considered cheap in the eyes of most moms, but as long as your velcro bib can grip securely enough to where your baby can’t rip it off, you’re in good hands. It’s just a bonus that they’re also cost-effective!

The Luveable Friends Baby Bibs are an excellent choice for parents on a budget. Sold in 10-packs, each bib comes in a different solid color, so they are ideal for both boys and girls. The real value comes in their velcro fastener functionality. It’s easy to put on, but the true peace of mind comes in knowing that these bibs stay fastened throughout their entire use.

The bibs are made of 65 percent cotton and 35 percent polyester. This is the perfect amount necessary to correctly absorb drool or spills while remaining soft and comfortable for your baby.


  • Not backed with any irritating plastic.
  • Feels similar to the softness of a washcloth.
  • Machine-washable and holds up after multiple washes.
  • Covers the entire torso.


  • Not best for teething babies.
  • The neck is too big for newborn babies.

Ana Baby Bandana Drool Bibs - The 7 Best Baby Bibs To Keep Your Baby Clean (2020 Reviews)Best Floral Bandana Bibs

You can’t beat adorable floral patterns for your sweet little girl. The Ana Baby Bandana Bibs are perfect for drooling and teething babies!

Sold in packs of ten, each bib is designed with the prettiest, bright, floral patterns. These bibs are sure to keep your baby dry, all while remaining super stylish!

Each bib is made with 100% organic cotton and happens to be hypoallergenic. With Ana Baby’s dual-layer design, the likelihood of your little one’s shirt getting wet from drool is slim to none. Since it’s ultra-soft and highly absorbent, these bibs will never irritate your little princess’ skin.

From newborn to toddler, your little girl can take full advantage of these bibs long-term. The metal snaps adjust in three sizes and remain in place during use.


  • Cute floral designs
  • Made with 100% organic cotton.
  • Hypoallergenic & Highly absorbent.
  • Adjusts to fit your baby’s neck size.
  • Can be used from newborn stage to toddler stage.


  • The fabric tends to stain easily.

Aden Anais Burpy Bib - The 7 Best Baby Bibs To Keep Your Baby Clean (2020 Reviews)Best 2-in-1 Bib

Mom’s all over appreciate multi-functional products. Babies are continually growing and changing. They adopt new techniques and suddenly hate their current ones. It’s convenient when you have a bib that serves you in two completely different ways.

Aden + Anais Burpy Bibs are the best 2-in-1 we’ve seen on the market! This product can serve as a practical and useful bib, AND a thick, durable burping cloth! Talk about multipurpose!

It’s simple to use for both versatile functions. Draping it over your baby’s shoulders and snapping the metal clamps in the back ensures a full-coverage bib. On the other hand, since the bib covers over each shoulder, it’s long, which allows it to drape over your shoulder, giving you enough space to work as an absorbent burping cloth.

Each bib is made of 100 percent cotton muslin material. There are four layers to make up this bib, which is what makes it so efficient at absorbing spills, drool, or spit up.


  • Works as full-coverage bib, as well as burping cloth.
  • Four layers of 100% cotton muslin material.
  • Comes in unisex patterns.
  • Contoured to fit over mom’s shoulder when burping.
  • Large, adjustable neck snaps.
  • Machine-washable


  • Higher price tag than most bibs.
  • The design may hinder your baby’s ability to move their arms.
  • Reviewers have mentioned that the material shrinks after washing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Like most parenting choices, it’s totally up to you when your baby starts wearing a bib. Newborns can wear bibs from two weeks on to prevent drooling on their clothing. When they begin eating baby food, bibs will quickly become a necessity. 

Some toddlers, four and older, continue to wear bibs to keep clothes cleaner.

You will find that people have a variety of opinions when it comes to baby bibs, but you can determine what works best for your baby.

Fortunately, bibs make a great baby shower gift, so you may already own a few to get you started. From the time your baby enters the world, you will need several on hand. They can seemingly grow legs and walk off as they are accidentally left at different places or even randomly thrown away. 

It’s not uncommon for a baby who is eating baby food to use four or more bibs every day. To make it through a few days without having to do laundry, it is practical to have ten to twenty bibs on hand. And because they are small, they are easy to store.

The type of fabric you choose should be based on your baby’s particular needs. 

Cotton is a hugely popular choice for milk and drools bib. They are absorbent and easy to clean. 

Silicone and waterproof fabrics are practical and can be wiped off with ease. 

If you purchase plastic bibs, you should try to avoid plastic straps that may irritate your baby’s neck. These are typically associated with cheap bibs, so choose bibs that are cost-effective, but will not cause your baby to be uncomfortable.

Always read the washing instructions included on the bib tag. This will provide important information to help you know the best way to get them clean.

Babies and toddlers should never sleep with a bib on. There are health hazards associated with children falling asleep while wearing a bib.

It is possible that a bib could cover and suffocate a child. The strap could also become wrapped too tightly around the neck, causing their airway to be closed off. 

These issues can be avoided by simply removing your child’s bib before allowing them to lay down. Many parents only have their child wear a bib during feeding times, and then they remove them. 

Babies have sensitive skin. Using chemicals and abrasive cleaners to clean bibs can cause irritation and rashes. 

After use, rinse out your baby’s bib with lukewarm water. This will help remove food stains before they settle into the fabric.

Avoid fabric softeners and bleach. 

Soak a stained bib overnight in water and vinegar to loosen the stain from the fabric. Be aware that hot water will cause stains to set permanently into the fabric. 

Also, drying a bib in direct sunlight can remove any stubborn stains by helping them to fade.

A new mom often struggles to organize small baby items that have quickly overtaken their home.

For classic and bandana style bibs, simply lay them flat and fold in half. Some people prefer rolling bibs and storing them in a shoe box.

Larger bibs can by hung on coat hangers or folded and stored in drawers. Before storing bibs, always ensure they are dry. This will prevent mould from growing and keep unpleasant smells from developing.

As a mom, making something for your little one can give you a sense of pride. Even if you aren’t an expert seamstress, you will find that bibs are simple to create. 

Baby Bandana bibs are a great beginner bib to DIY. A Google search will help you discover patterns and practical tips for creating sewn and no-sew bib options.

Final Thoughts

Moms can become easily overwhelmed with all of the decisions they have to make each day. All bibs are not created equal, so remember this basic info when you head to the store to buy a bib.

  • Choose best baby bibs with fabric that is non-irritating to your baby’s skin.
  • Put a bib on your child for feeding times and if they are teething and have excess drooling.
  • Remember – never allow you child to sleep with a bib on.
  • Have fun! It’s okay to spend a little extra on a bib that can be kept as a keepsake.
  • Explore your buying options. Consider even creating your own bibs.

Baby bibs help keep your baby clean and happy. They are practical because they keep their clothes dry and protected from stains. You should always keep 2-3 bibs in your diaper bag to have on hand for feeding or a drooling baby. In total, you will need 10-20 bibs to avoid doing laundry every day.

With plenty of fashionable and practical option available, we know that you will have no trouble finding the best baby bibs that meet your needs.

While getting other’s opinions is an essential part of parenting, you are ultimately the only one responsible for the choices you make. 

Be informed and then choose to be confident that you are doing the best you can for your child.

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